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24 - SELF CELL AGRESSION, Anna Titovets (Russia)

We are used to understand aggression as an act towards someone or something outside us, but human being' organism has a strong and scary potential to attack us from inside, and this is uncontrollable hidden process which can happen without any external reason or signs (at least in the beginning)


Music: Mewark



23 - TRAVERSALS, Seema Nusrat (Pakistan)

Traversals, the anxiety of travelling and waiting at airports



22 - IMPLOSION, Mesrure Melis Bilgin (Turkey)

Aggression is sometimes an unintentional residue of the past unfit to be spitted out.


lights by Kaan Tosunoğlu

camera by Özgül Arslan Tosunoğlu

performers: Mesrure Melis Bilgin, Lila Tosunoğlu



21 - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Alena Kupcikova (Czech Republic)

SYNOPSIS·(one sentence in english (and french if possible)) :
Too much is harmful, beauty, admiration, love can transform to great intensity of negative energy that becomes a mutual aggression.

l'excès de tout peut nous nuire : de beauté, d'admiration, d'amour. Quand il y a trop d'intensité cela peut se transformer dans l'énergie négative, qui devient une antipathie et une agressivité.



20 - WATCH LA GAME, Élaine Frigon (Québec, Canada)

In Quebec, "watcher la game" means "to watch the game." When viewed from the comfort of our home, social crises take on another dimension, at once distant and intrusive.

En québécois, «watcher la game» veut dire «regarder le match». Lorsque vues dans le confort de notre foyer, les crises sociales prennent une autre dimension, tout à la fois lointaines et envahissantes.


Sound help / Participation à la bande sonore : Claude Rivest.



19 - FABLE, Ana Grobler (Slovenia)

The video is trying to imitate the style narrative of a fable, but not without cynical humor. As like in fables - in which animals, plants, or inanimate objects behave as human beings - this role is taken on by «a creature». The story tries to emphasize the characteristics of people to attack what is different and unknown to them out of fear. The agression and the destroyal of an object in a video are a metaphor of intolerance of all kinds.

Thanks to:

Kaja The Dog for the footage and brainstorming / Edo The Uncle for the camera

Mojca The Sister for patience and soundness



18 - EXORCISM OF THE AGGRESSION, Maria Dominguez Alba (Spain)

Music : César Sanz



17 - PLENTY TO INSPECT, Tanja Koistila (Finland)



16 - BITE, Alessandra Arno (Italy)

In these years I found a very curious picture of a panoramic dental retrieved from the web.

This image reminded me exactly of the world map.

In the video I used images found footage of teeth that become characters, landscapes or simple images subconscious .. then reveal a world map.

The contingency of the individual in comparison with the universe

Selected images wants to denounce the extreme violence (animals show their teeth, even the men) that addresses humanity and nature itself. “Bite” is a complaint which uses the term, chew, bite, as a metaphor for the condition in which we live among us and in nature.




The flames of anger escalate into acts of aggression. Anger traps us, turns on us, feeds on us, feeds on itself, jumps on our backs, throws us to the ground. The only answer? Breathe deeply and learn to mindfully walk away.


Special thanks to dancers, Ellen Gorman and Amanda Mastroianni, Cornerstone Performing Arts Center, Fitchburg, MA

Dave Sven, Dave Belliveau and Sue Siart, FATV



14 - JUNE'S LACE #1, Eva Koch (Denmark)

The opening image of June's Lace shows a lace curtain in front of a window in which car headlights are reflected. Whether we are outside looking in or inside looking out is hard to say.

Power looms are hammering out the finest lace, faster than any experienced human lace-maker can. in England in 1812-16 there was decided 'Luddite' sabotage of the new machinery whose advent in reality left people unemployed.

CREDITS : Photography: Steen Møller Rasmussen / Sound design: Morten Holm / Editing: Anja Farsig



13 - DOMESTICA, Amaranta Sanchez (Mexico)

Sensitory powers that intervene a representational space. A telequinetic self-portrait that irrupts the vision of daily space.



12 - AGONY, Tayeba Begum Lipi (Bangladesh)



11 - DEMOCRACY ?, Maria Rosa Jijon (Ecuador)

A visual essay on repression, State violence and the consequences of the swift for security and criminalization on basic human rights and citizenship.



10 - DEAD LETTERS, Véronique Sapin (France)

A little girl is writing on a board. Men arrive. A little boy is learning is futur man role; the other little girls are hiding.



9 - IT FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY, Sabine Mooibroek (The Netherlands)



8 - SCREAM, Ingrida Picukane (Latvia)

Video performance « Scream » is dedicated to the act of discharging of women's inner and accumulated outer aggression - scream that could bring contemporary « civilised » women back to the primordial power and freedom and this video is the attempt of documentation of screaming women in order to catch the uncontrolled image of women that is not changed by socially accepted models of gender behaviour.

CREDITS : Thanks to : Liga, Laura, Sana



7 - SILENCE, Evelin Stermitz (Austria)

Textual structures on body fragments as inscriptions on the female body of metaphorical injuries by rape violence are merging into an image of speechless suppression by male supremacy. Rape remains as a silent terror and global transgression, as a silent field of unspoken reality, because the afflicted women are broken.

Sound by Elise Kermani, Ear Music, 2001



06 - YO, CAROLINA, Malinarich Sara (Chile)

There are words that hurt and are encysted in the skin.· A catastrophic way that becomes mortal.

Il y a des mots, enkystés dans la peau, qui font mal… D'une façon catastrophique qui deviens mortelle.


Sound: Odisseu Fill de Laertes



5 - X ON THE SHORE, Hiroko Okada (Japan)



4 - LA COCINA, Viviana Berco ( Argentina)

A woman's hand cut, snacks vegetables and manipulates meat on the preparation of a meal. Meanwhile, we can hear a female voice moaning by making love.

Violence and joy are related in a domestic scene.

Co-Edition : Mariano Reyero



3 - AGGRESSO, Luzia Simons (Brazil)

Crashes of porcelain in a closely space where both protagonists lives their non spoken violence.

Actors: Gérard Jourde and Régine Alonso

Camera: Werner Knoedgen

co-Edition : Werner Knoedgen

Berlin, 2009.



2 - IN MEMORY OF A 15 YEAR OLD BOY, Vouvoula Skoura (Greece)

"in memory of a 15-year-old boy", who was killed

by a policeman in Athens, in 2008

The Funeral of Sarpedon

Music: Nikos Papadogoulas

Editing: Yiannis Daridis



1 - VIOLENCE, Evgenija Demnievska (Serbia)

a video about the intensity of the rage and destruction

CREDITS : Technical Support : Radisa Kostic




This Video-Composition includes 24 videos

trait bleu separation

FL'Art (FemLink-Art)