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26 - VICTUS, Trixi Weis (Luxembourg)

Cheap and independant act against daily hunger for homeless.


25 - MASQUERADE. Helena Martin Franco (Colombia)

This video is about the fragility of the freedom of speech, the feeling of helplessness against the forces of repression ... the silence of fear.



24 - PROTEST End Police Abuse, Nancy Buchanan (USA)

A collage of footage documenting recent US demonstrations following the killing of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Illinois; four other unarmed black men were shot by police in August of 2014, adding to a growing number of such tragedies.

CREDITS·: various off-air footage gathered from Internet; August 2014 Los Angeles protest covered by Nancy Buchanan.



23 - WHISPER, Sigrun Hardardottir (Iceland)

Whisper echoes the voices of refugees that have washed up on Icelandic shores to seek asylum in a country with hostile immigration policy. With this theme Sigrun hopes to awake awareness for the reality of the asylum seeker. The desperation fears and anger of those that have been forced to flee for their lives only to find little empathy and ignorance in a country that uses Schengen agreement as excuse to send refugees back to where they came from.



22 - CROWD SHIFT, Lina Karina (Russia)

This an abstract from audiovisual mash-up which was made together with the musician Max Tatlum.

The piece is based on video documents recorded during the period when a big protest movement arouse in Moscow as a reaction for fraud elections to Duma in the end of 2011. The pieces are cut from youtube and vimeo video documents (both croqwdsourced and some official tv) of different types of protest actions which happened in Russia from the end of 2011 and ending with 6th of May 2012 (when the so called “Bolotnaya protest, famous for police violence and further big political processes has happened).

This is the period, when suddenly a lot of people found it important and realistic to go to the streets to show their disagreement with the official government. The crowd has suddenly shifted from the normal everyday routine to protests. Suddenly the hope, that people can change something when they unite for protest, appeared in people’s minds.

CREDITS·: Max Tatlum


21 - DAUGHTER OF YEMEN, Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo (CUBA)

I could have been born in Yemen or any country whose rules allow their families to marry underage girls with already formed men. Girls who are not biological or mentally prepared for getting marry. Whose are not yet finish with their primary studies and have just seen the 3% of their life. This video shows some of our biological limits, we all have. Also those small girls which are now gone.



20 - KNITTING RED SOCK IN SILENCE, Rilène Markopoulou (Greece)

Knitting as in sole participation of women in past wars.

Sock as in Soldier.

Red as in Revolution.

Silence as in Blindness.



19 - AFTER THE WATER, Aki Nakazawa, Japan

The place I used be became really the past and we struggle with the illusion of our society since the March 11 in 2011.



18 - FAMAGUSTA - GHOST CITY, Maria Papacharalambous (Cyprus)

In 2013 the city of Famagusta is still occupied by the Turkish Army against all UN resolutions and international order and human rights.

Sound and co-editing : Achilleas Kentonis



17 - RESIGN, Ruth Bianco (Malta)

A street-logue created whilst passing through Sofia in Bulgaria where remnants of past dominant structures reflect in the present chants and riots in a city rising against lingering shadows and new corruption within the pillars of power



16 - ONE-COURSE-MENU, Dilek Acay (Turkey)

I moulded a portrait using food of the Turkish Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and my performers ate him.



15 - THE VALUE OF HANDS, Tanja Koistila (Finland)

How the world changes can effect.

Music: Unpleasant Kip



14 - SATURN´S WRATH, Mónica Dower (Mexico)

Ricardo Atl´s portrait. The artist is impersonating his alterego in a performative act, he blindly interacts with the water of a pool.

C´est le portrait de l´artiste Ricardo Atl. Il incarne son alterego dans une action performatique oú il joue violamment et avec désespoir avec l´eau d´une piscine.

With the collaboration of artist Ricardo Atl Lagunes.

co-editing·: Ricardo Atl




’Disturbance - All Units please respond’ is about absence of communication
and domestic disturbance that are lurking beneath the surface.

That different protests will have different outcomes



12 - APOLO 11 versión para FEMLINK, Teresa Puppo (Uruguay)

Apolo 11 trabaja sobre la idea del tiempo y de la memoria, para el cual tomo una época fermental de la historia contmporánea y de mi experiencia de vida: el transcurrir de mi adolescencia durante los años 70, en pleno movimiento hippie, Woodstock, las dictaduras latinoamericanas y el Plan Cóndor, surgimiento de la minifalda, Los Beatles, la llegada (realidad o ficción) del hombre a la Luna, el asesinato de J.F.Kennedy, Bangladesh, la guerra de Vietnam, etc.

Me interesa utilizar el concepto tiempo de una forma no lineal, incluir material filmado en la actualidad y material de archivo, intercalando o superponiendo imágenes de la memoria personal con la memoria pública.




Reenactment of Ana Mendieta’s performance



10 - APPLES FOR NUTS, Nicoletta Stalder (Switzerland)

Never be seduced by an Apple, use your own brain and stay a hard nut to crack- a Protest .

Ne vouz laisse pas seduire par la «·Pomme·». Restez une noix dure et pensez avec votre propre tête.



09- INTERPELLATIO TEMPUS, María Domínguez Alba (Spain)

Every woman, every voice, somewhere in the world. A time that marks the beat of a struggle, we are witnesses of a change that originates within ourselves. The choreography of our protest scream.

Sound·: Alvaro Nicolás.



08 - THE PASSION FRUIT, Amina ZOUBIR (Algeria)

A veiled woman tries to arrange her hair protruding from his forehead.

Une femme voilée essaie de ranger ses cheveux qui dépassent de son front.

CREDITS·: Célia Pon




This video is for tolerance,

C’est une vidéo qui nous

Technical support Radisa Kostic



06 - THE TOURIST- Portrait of Bernard Henry Levy, Véronique Sapin (France)

"I was... I was also... I am... I think... I know... What I saw with my eyes... for moral values... I advocated for military action... it's a a real progress in civilisation...Believe me, believe me..."

The french flashy and media star philosopher, Bernard Henry Levy is explaining that his thought is inspired on what he sees "with his eyes". Because what he sees is inevitably The Ttruth, he indicates us who are the goodies and the baddies. For moral values, the only thing to do is to bomb the baddies... The kind of profound thoughts that the medias like.

Extracted images from "Head to Head", program from Al-Jazeera TV - 2013 - June 8th



05 - WORD, Minoo Iranpour Mobarakeh( Iran)

Every person has the right to speak, to shout and to live.

Select music from " Trio -1 " Album,various Artists,part 7 Autobiography, 2004 by Negar BehbahaniActors: Shirin khodadad, Nasim Rohi,Jila Manani,Neda Dadkhuh






03 - FALAFEL ROAD, co-direction·: Larissa Sansour (Palestine/DK) and Oreet Ashery (Israel/UK)

In Feb 2010, artists Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour invited the public to join them for 20 falafel meals that generated discussions addressing the appropriation of Palestinian culture by the state of Israel.

Concept·: Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour

Editing·: Larissa Sansour

Camera·: Edd Hobbs

Blog·: Oreet Ashery





01 - IT'S JUST A

The word Game is indeed

Ilaria Giordano Drome Magazine

Music: Mario Bross




This Video-Composition includes 26 videos


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